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If this looks like it was written in the '00s, it was and it even refers to long dead games. This site has been resurrected to express various thoughts, especially related to programming. Incomplete and half baked ideas that never saw the light of day are still present.


2023-04-29 Live Examples of code.
2023-04-22 J2EE: Pagination, Results Sorting.
2023-04-15 J2EE: Pagination, Composite Cache.
2023-04-05 J2EE: Pagination, Editing.
2023-04-01 J2EE: Pagination.
2023-01-31 J2EE: Transfer Object Assembler.
2023-01-26 J2EE: Sharing Session Data between Tomcat Apps.
2023-01-07 Struts 2: Server State per Browser Tab Revisited.
2022-12-17 Struts 2: Server State per Browser Tab.
2022-12-10 More programming thoughts.
2022-11-29 Struts 2 articles
2022-11-22 Website resurrected! And made HTML 5 compliant.